There are many ways that companies evaluate the contribution and performance of their employees. Generally, these evaluations are based on mainly objective achievements such as attendance, deadlines met, sales etc. While these things are important in order to understand what and how much an employee contributes to the company, there are some other important things that also have to be considered.

A 360 degree evaluation, for example, takes a number of more subjective things into account like behavior with peers and team members, ability to listen, etc. It gives a 360 evaluation of the employee which is not just related to job-specific skills. Find out more about these evacuations here.

360 degree evaluation

What Does It Say About The Employee?


There are several things that a 360 degree evaluation can say about the employee. In fact, it focuses on their characteristics and behavior that only coworkers will be able to comment on correctly. Hence, it is a great way to find out if the employee really is a team player, if he or she listens to what the rest of the team has to say, if they are good listeners, if they take responsibly for their actions and strive to reach deadlines on a regular basis.


How Is It Different From Performance Assessment?


The focus of a performance assessment is to find out what the employee contributes to the business of the company. It views them as employees and takes their attendance, skilled delegation of the job at hand and how they actually do their job into account. However, a 360 degree evaluation takes the skills of an employee into account that are not limited to the job description. Hence, the latter gives a better understanding of how the employee is, not just as professional but as a person.


How Can It Help?
360 degree evaluations

Understanding the employee in this way can have many benefits. It will help the management to determine their inner qualities better and assign them to projects where their skills will be of greater help. It can also help the management make better decisions when it comes to promotions or appointing team leaders. This will help the company progress better as all the resources will be put to best use.


Benefits to the Employee

This assessment also helps the employees in becoming more self-aware of their strengths and shortcomings. If they are able to find the right balance between the two, this evaluation can not only help them be better employees but also better coworkers. A healthy working environment is good for everyone in the office!

As you can see, there are many benefits of a 360 degree evaluation, both to the company and the employee. There are some important things that have to be kept in mind. The questions must be created in such a way that it doesn’t make the employees feel demoralized but encourages them to answer accurately. The answers are all presented anonymously so that the employees can just know what was said about them but not where it comes from.